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The wisdom of Dr Myles Munroe

The wisdom of Dr Myles Munroe
17 Nov 2016

The late Dr Myles Munroe was a man of wisdom. Indeed, his influence across the world is unquestionable and his teachings on leadership, entrepreneurship and spirituality have made a difference to millions of people around the world. He is the man credited with the great saying:

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” – Dr Myles Munroe

Having been born in an impoverished neighborhood, sleeping with rats and roaches running all over him he rose to be come on the greatest preachers, teachers, coaches and business consultants. Today I would like to share some of the wisdom that I have found to be very inspiring from Dr Myles Munroe.

He was once quoted as saying:

“I was born poor, sleeping on the floor with cockroaches and rats. Today, I own my own jet. Everything I have is paid for. I am debt free; I open new businesses every year and mentor many people,”


Dr Myles Munroe strongly discouraged the reliance on Government for jobs, describing it as ‘lazy thinking.’ “There is no such thing as unemployment in the world. What you call unemployment is what I call lazy thinking,” he says. “The work of government is not to create jobs, but to create an environment for people to develop their own work,” he asserts.


Dr Munroe discouraged employed professionals against relying solely on their jobs for income, urging them to instead create wealth using their unique talents. He also challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and refine their expertise in a talent, idea, service or body of knowledge. According him, when you refine your gift in an area, you become valuable; people seek you out and pay you.


Dr Munroe said setting principles is the first step towards achieving success for any budding entrepreneur. “I will never be poor again because I have learnt the principles of business,” he asserts. “I can say without a doubt that what I have accomplished is based on principles passed on to me by my parents. You should never build your life on facts or techniques because these often become obsolete,” he cautions. “For you to survive today, you must accept the reality of partnerships. If someone emerges as my competition today, I am not supposed to kill them, but marry them,” he states. “Do not curse a crisis; use it. Every business is a solution to a crisis. Develop the capacity to solve a problem and you will become a successful entrepreneur.”


  1. Understand crisis and use it to solve a problem. Every business is a response to a problem.
  2. Initiate something; do not wait for things to be done.
  3. Identify and refine your talent, skill, idea, service or knowledge to create wealth.
  4. Whatever makes you angry, you must solve it.
  5. Poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of ideas.
  6. God does not give cash, but ideas on how to create wealth.
  7. Be in control of your mind, thoughts, perception and mentality to respond to change.
  8. Be keen and take advantage of changes brought about by technology and globalisation.
  9. Leave your legacy, but in the people you train, not in products or buildings.
  10. Every human being was born with a treasure. Your greatest secret to success lies in discovering your treasure.

I hope you find Dr Myles Munroe as inspiring as I do.

My name is Wellington and I seek to share strategies for successful living particularly strategies for mitigating the various risks that we face in life, strategies that would smoothen our journey through life and increase our chances of success. I hope you enjoy this article. Feel free to share with as many of your friends as possible.



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