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Relax and Become Phenomenal

Relax and Become Phenomenal
15 Feb 2017

If you are going to have a real shot at greatness, one of basic things you need to master is how to relax in every situation. You see, the pressure it takes to be successful at what you do and to maintain that success needs to be balanced with an incredible ability to still be able to relax in the midst of the pressure.

If you want to see the best version of yourself, master the ability to relax; in that state success comes naturally. #successTRAIN

If you want to see the best version of yourself, master the ability to relax; in that state success comes naturally and greatness is within a reaching distance.

Fear is natural and it is very real. What defines a man is not the presence or absence of fear, it is how you are able to deal with it and use it to your advantage. Fears are not often real and are almost always exaggerated #NoFear #successTRAIN. They were often just invented in your mind to keep you from believing that you can achieve big dreams. Whatever you do, don’t give in to that nagging voice that is busy trying to make sure that you pay attention to the significant and the insignificant problems. Make any changes you think you need to make within your resources and time but refuse to get stuck with that voice.

If you care too much about what people think or feel about you and what you are doing, then you may find it difficult to relax and produce the best of results. The same applies when you care too much about the possibility of failure, you tense up, cringe up and fail to operate at your optimum level. It is good to be accountable to people and try to live up to expectations, however, when that becomes an obsession, it becomes an active ingredient which is toxic and counterproductive by putting you under unnecessary pressure. Sometimes it’s just best to let fly, throw caution to the winds and do the best you can, not being careless but being carefree.

Sometimes it’s just best to let fly, throw caution to the winds and do the best you can, not being careless but being carefree. #successTRAIN

Relax; you won’t always get everything right. The best success stories are punctuated everywhere with different forms of failure and mistakes; success is that situation where you refuse to give up after each stage of failure. The part of your brain that is responsible for fear is the amygdala, it is the primitive brain that enjoys having fun, sleep, sex, relaxation, food and drinks. If you always listen to it, you will never take challenges and rise to fulfill your potential and achieve your dreams.

Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is incredibly focused when he’s driving at 300km/hour; what is most surprising is how he also remains incredibly relaxed while at it. He can still talk to his team on the radio, watch the rear-view mirrors, judge the braking distance from the car in front and fiddle with the myriad of buttons on his steering wheel. His line of work is a massive risk every minute; any wrong move can land him in the side barriers or hitting another car which can be a death sentence. When he is relaxed and in control he can easily navigate the winding racing track, dealing with the multiple tasks he has to perform while driving to successfully complete the race. He is a real example of peak performance being achieved in the most relaxed state of mind.

When you come face-to-face with the worst of your fears and it seems as if you are at your wit’s end, all you may just need is to take some time to cool off and relax. A break will help you to analyze the issues from a more objective position and it will give you the time to think of the best ways to deal with new and emerging problems.

How to relax

Here are a few tips on how to relax under intense pressure and still be able to be productive, focused and happy.

  • Simulation i.e creative visualisation: This involves the use of mental imagery to create what you want your life to be like. It positions you to be much more positive and expect more from life; this consequently becomes your experience through the law of attraction.
  • Meditation: One of the best ways to relax is to take time out to contemplate, search your inner self and bring out what is needed for the phase of life you may be navigating at any given time.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: You are what you do every day. If you make relaxation part of your life routine, you will see it gradually become a habit, one with long lasting benefits. Like anything, the more you practice the better you get and the more comfortable you become; And yes the more relaxed you feel even under intense pressure.
  • Having a great support system: Every person needs to build alliances with people who support the initiatives that they are pursuing. No man is an island, people need people and it will be impossible to achieve success if you do not seek support, guidance, and direction from those who believe in your vision and are willing to assist.
  • Maintaining a positive mind set: This is so crucial to success and has a great impact at how much you are able to relax while performing a task; if you lose this, you begin to work against yourself and things around you begin to follow that pattern.
  • Let it be about the people you are serving, not just about you: This is the climax of existence; that point where you cannot let go because of so many other people depend on you. If what you are doing is to serve other people, you cannot afford to settle for less than the best and it’s even more critical that you find your sweet relaxed spot that allows you to perform at your absolute

My name is Wellington and I seek to share strategies for successful living particularly strategies for mitigating the various risks that we face in life, strategies that would smoothen our journey through life and increase our chances of success. I hope you enjoy this article. Feel free to share with as many of your friends as possible.



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