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Interactively incentivize team driven markets and accurate meta-services. Progressively engage cutting-edge catalysts for change after efficient potentialities. Professionally generate extensive process improvements for process-centric niche markets. Dramatically initiate end-to-end niches whereas integrated best practices. Professionally envisioneer ethical results rather than team building synergy.
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Leardership Strategies

Leadership | Risk Management

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Life Strategy

Do you sometimes feel like your life is just going around in circles, like every day is just a day of going through the motions, no passion, no mojo, just plain living, no colour no substance
If your life is lacking passion, excitement & purpose then it’s time to make some changes…

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Risk Management

No-one enjoys being in pain if anything people run away from painful situations, painful relationships, unfulfilling jobs and destructive habits. Tony Robbins puts it nicely when he says that at any given time one is either running away from pain or running towards pleasure…

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Leadership is a process marked by constant growth

Our founder Wellington is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, trainer and speaker. He has imparted into the Well of Inspiration the belief that leadership is a process marked by constant growth. This website and Our organisation are there to serve leadership strategies to emerging leaders, aspiring leaders and those already in leadership positions but seeking to step up their potential to a level that is totally game changing for themselves and their organisations. Our goal is to provide you with resources that will empower you and your teams to live out leadership. As John Maxwell suggests, at the heart of leadership is one life influencing another.

At the Well of Inspiration, we are equipped to provide you with professional leadership strategies and coaching, which we provide these through an unparalleled series of comprehensive one-on-one sessions to help you accurately identify your natural leadership style, while learning to execute strategies for intentional growth.We also work with individuals and corporations helping them to pursue a more focused level of leadership coaching. We can help organizations realize the opportunity to transform their leadership culture through our corporate training packages. Working together, we will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your strategic goals.

We are excited to bring you many excellent opportunities to develop yourself and become the leader that makes the difference. To achieve this, you will need to have a structured and practical plan in place to avoid becoming overwhelmed. As a leader or leader-to-be you will receive tools to enhance your own productivity, personal development and decision-making skills to achieve unparalleled success in your sphere of influence.

To test drive our ideas and to learn more about what we do why don’t you JOIN OUR MAILING LIST and we will share with you information, ideas and strategies that will move you towards the great leader that you are destined to become. You can also find us on facebook and twitter. If you prefer to reach us directly you can find us on email at info@wellofinspiration.co