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Take a Chance and

Guide to risk management for Personal Decision Making

The idea of risk management for Personal decision making is about esuring that the pain of failure can be avoided at least minimised by smart and decision making, that is, in approaching risk

manangement strategies when making important decision in life.

Things that you will
Learn from the Book

You will understand how everyday is a risk takes and what distiguishes success people from unsuccessful people. The following are same of the key lessons.

Decision Making

Our destiny is shaped and influenced by the decisions we make at any given time. That is why strategic approach to the making of key life and business decisions is critical. Take a Chance and Win lays out key strategies to consider when making key decision in everyday life.

What is Risk?

Risk may be defined as the probability that things do not work out according to plan and risk management is about the decisions you make along the way and the actions you take to increase the chances of success in your endeavors.

Managing finances

Complications resulting from poor financial decisions tend to bleed over every aspect of life. Your experiences , your expectations and even your stress levels affect how you manage your money but it is important to devise a careful strategy to ensure your financial security and a comfortable life.

Failure & Success

This book can be taken as a success handbook which focuses on strategic decision making in the three key areas of business, life partners and finances. These strategies will fundamentally improve your decision making and chances of success.

Starting a business

One of the most rewarding decisions a person could ever make is the decision to start their own business. It can also be quite challenging, full of action, suspense and drama, it calls for careful strategic decision making along the way.

Getting a Life Partner

Blissful living is a dream, hope, and aspiration of many men and women in this world. We always live our best lives in the comfort of our own homes, surrounded by our families. That’s why a careful strategy is an important consideration.

Watch the Video to Learn More about the Book

Taking lessons from failure & success can help us accelerate and stabilise our journey through life and increase our chances of success in the ventures we undertake. Risk Management for Personal Decision Making will be your go to resource for inspiration and strategies for key decision making in business, finances and relationships. Watch the video for more information.

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  • What a fresh approach to personal effectiveness. Great stuff! I am very proud of you Wellington

    Makheni Zonneveld
    Makheni Zonneveld
  • The book inspires us to take risks but with an intent and knowledge of reality so that we do not make mistakes of regrets later in our life. A good read and guide!

    Henry Naiken
    Henry Naiken
  • Just completed reading this awesome book & It is a really enlightening & easy to understand book which lays out very important aspects of our lives!! Glad I have it on Kindle as I can always go back and read it as often as I need to !!

    Annette T Kahlari

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Take a Chance and Win, Guide to Risk Management for Personal Decision Making is available in both eBook format(Kindle) and Paperback. Grab your copy today and learn more about the strategic approach to making decisions that is underpinned by practical risk management strategies. Follow the link to your favorite bookstore below and your copy will be made available to you as quickly as possible.

A Message from the Author

I believe with a passion that poor risk management is a major reason for  the failure of many individuals and businesses. I would like people to understand the role of risk management in everyday decision making as well as in making those big, life changing decisions that affect everything in people’s lives. The school system is leaving out a gap that I believe this book will address i.e decision making strategies and how people can consider risk management when they make important decisions in their lives.

Risks are a part of life. What differentiates those who take a risk and succeed and those who don’t is how they manage that risk.

Tony Robins once said, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

This book takes that philosophy and expands upon it. Grounded in the idea that how you approach decision making and risk management determines success or failure, Take A Chance And Win aims to teach you the tenets of success in all aspects of your life and shows you how to capitalize upon effective risk management for regular decision making. I am sure you will love it.