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Are You Still Climbing?

Are You Still Climbing?
21 Mar 2017

Life is full of ups and downs. This fact of life is something that we all have to deal with quite often in our lives. I often define reality as the sum of the good, the bad and the ugly to make a beautifully woven script that we call our lives. A correct understanding of how to make the best out of the ugliest situations in life is what facilitates abundant living. When one is not satisfied with their current circumstances, that dissatisfaction can be a major source of inspiration. While inspiration and dissatisfaction seem to be as far apart as the north pole is from the south pole, I have often found the north and the south coming together when dissatisfaction is used as the fuel to fire inspiration to aspire for better things in life.  I refer to inspirational dissatisfaction as the potential to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and to see opportunities where there are calamities. It is that drive that pushes failures to become successes, that drives men from incompetence to effectiveness.

A wise man once said that what happens to you is 10% while how you react to it is 90% of the matter. Today is the product of how we conducted yesterday and tomorrow will be determined by the actions and the inaction of today. Tomorrow is predictable, if only you pick up your chisel and carve out the kind of future you want to be part of.

Success often happens when a failure refuses to stay down. No one loves to fail; failure makes you feel bad, angry, frustrated, and depressed but it is never the end of the road. When you turn these negative energies into the necessary fuel to power up your life from defeat, try again and make a better attempt, then you begin to move into a place of inspiration driven by your dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Are you still hungry

A very vital dimension of inspirational dissatisfaction is not only avoiding settling for less than the best but also always having a mindset that you can always do better than ever. For me, One of the real tragedies of life is not failure or setbacks or challenges; rather, it is the inability to stay hungry after experiencing some success. Sometimes it is actually easier to manage failure than it is to handle success. A little taste of success can easily rob you of that desire for more, that tenacity that brings great things. No matter how good things are, there is always a room for improvement, one should always strive to be better than they have ever been. Growth comes when your past successes are not your settling points but simply evidence that you are able to be, do and have even more than ever before.

Always look for ways to reinvest in yourself and improve on your record, to climb yet another step. It’s not wise to be satisfied with past successes
. You have got to stay hungry, you have got to keep climbing?

Benefits of Inspirational Dissatisfaction

  • You get to realise that you really have nothing to lose. He who is on the fall fears no fall. Failures put you on a low level of life where you have little or nothing to lose and the only direction you can go is up. The chances of winning are improved if you believe you have nothing to lose by trying.
  • You won’t settle where you are and become comfortable. It is very easy to stay in a position of comfort, but when you are in a bad condition, you will try as much as possible to get out as soon as possible. Once you grow restless, you begin to generate the kind of energy that is needed to change the entire game and with such heat on your chair you’ll have no choice but to grow and become better.
  • It wakes you up. Many times we get complacent and presumptuous with life; we need some of these bitter jabs of life to keep us on our toes, all you need is to fight back ferociously with absolute determination. When life knocks you down, you get back on your feet, fix your ponytail and go again.
  • It often leads to improved wisdom. The best way to gain wisdom is by reflecting on the errors, the failures, the weaknesses, and the bullying tactics of not only your adversaries but also your inner self. This will help you to learn from the past and to be able to make the necessary adjustments that you need for your next attempt. If you have not learnt anything from the process that got you where you are, then your chances of success may be limited.

My best poem of all time is titled “I bargained with life for a penny” by Jesse Belle Rittenhouse and it speaks of going all the way without allowing life to cheat you of greatness. If you are reading this right now I believe that you want more out of life than you have right now and I want to tell you that it is possible; you need to know that, you need to believe that and you need to work for that. Life will never give you what you deserve; it will give you only what you demand for.

I hope you embrace your dissatisfaction and use it as fuel to raise your impact and enrich the world. Whenever you find yourself slowing down, ask yourself this question. Am I still hungry, Am I still climbing the staircase of my life or Am i sliding down???

My name is Wellington and I share strategies for successful living particularly strategies for mitigating the various risks that we face in life, strategies that would smoothen our journey through life and increase our chances of success. I hope you enjoy this article. Feel free to share with as many of your friends as possible.



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